Marriage – A not so simple knot..

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There are out there infinite versions of marriage, it is considered the most supreme relationship. But somehow I wonder, how we completely forget to appreciate beneath the surface feature of this machinery, the nuts and bolts which keep it together & functioning for the plumiest span of our lives.

My version of marriage:

Marriage ceremony comprises of vows that are never paid the much deserved attention/remembered. No one does (neither did I :P). These vows somehow evolve as a summarization of the storms and rainbows in the lives of two individuals.

This summary is not about those tender moments when you were holding hands.. but. when you did not leave each other’s hand. That moment when your reflection may seem ugly to your own self, your guilt pulling you to some pit.. that moment when the other half is like a waft of fresh air on a sweaty forehead, whispering “Look into my eyes.. you will see.. how special you are to me. Let me take your guilt and throw it..” the intense moments when even the most suicidal moment became the ivory tower to you.

What makes this bond a star is pain. Yes, pain, grief, sorrow and all the thesaurus terms one can quote. How much you have seen together and how far you have walked when the road was strenuous. Memories are often associated with good times but here the ticking point is how smoothly you have handled a storm, how all the differences curb down in times of need (utmost important factor.. elephantine egos!!!)

Another salient feature can be bareness. You accept the other person in the darkest shade, where the confession of a guilt is not confession but a communication to your own self. The same way when a pain in one hand is felt by the entire body, a tickle in a sec makes the whole being jump.. so is the marriage where two entities become one for relativity to emotions but not when it comes to individuality.

Marriage has been there in the system as a single entity, needs to be broken down for understanding. It’s an amalgamation of two different personalities and you can’t club both. It’s all about the sync and harmony you play all along. Rightly said, there is only one Victor but today there two different peaks having their own conquerors. If you respect each other’s challenges you by default respect the person, you value his efforts no matter what the results are. If you pick each pebble surpassed on the way and appreciate it, the trophy becomes pointless.

The only relationship where the knot is not a suppressed wound but the dot to create a not so straight line.

The goodbye word: Love from a heart that is bursting and out there it pours and pours & it explodes to see the recipient getting drenched in joy of downpour.. of affection.

India, perhaps the only country in the world where there is no limit to heterogeneity of culture, religion, language etc. From every state to every village each has it’s own unique pattern of celebration. The same distinct patterns follow their course when it comes to marriage. I opened the article laying weight on the essence of marriage and want my last one to be the very starting point of this journey: the wedding day.

Weddings celebrations for we Indians are such spicy part of our lives, that we would give a good laugh at the thought of describing it to someone.. we either attend or be a part of someone else’s. The celebration of all things to do with merriment. All marriages are same on that parameter until it’s your own. :P. The wedding day, the new start of honestly of…..???? You have no clue!!!

Extraordinary is the experience when one gets a chance to attend a wedding outside his/her own culture. For me, it was a chance to be part of a South Indian wedding. Contrary to the belief, just like in North India there are multiple variety of weddings: Punjabi, Brahmin, Kashmiri pandits, Pahadi and so on.. South Indians weddings are diverse too. Differs from state to state. The one we attended was Tamil wedding. Unlike the North, these wedding are relatively simple. Beautiful kanjeevarams making you feel as if you are in an exclusive showroom, the gajras sitting on the hair of ladies not like an accessory but an integral part of custom. We were informed that reception is before the wedding and the wedding is to take place in the morning (biggest difference :P).

Vogue Radar:

Being a South Indian wedding in Coimbatore (of mate’s friend), I had to wear silk sari (not that I need any reason for that).When it comes to accessorizing, few things are quintessential according to individualistic preference. Mine are flowers, specifically the gajra.. any occasion. 😀

But also, this time I did not want the regular gajra on bun, something distinctive. Also, it was a totally new place to look out for any parlor and neither did I have the energy nor the time (like always :P). So, I decided to give the traditional braid a shot with gajra running through it, like a creeper. In north, had never seen such a fresh, fragrant and bright gajra. I so longed to take a basket full back home. Had a hard time draping this sari, was a bit heavy, sigh!!!. Took the mate’s help via putting forth logic – like you see this plait, the others have to come exactly like this and parallel to it. I was stupefied with end results.

I find this silk sari a bit offbeat due to it’s geometric gold patterns running through, instead of the regular contrast borders. The traditional green and maroon colors continue to complement each other till date. These jhumkas are my go to earrings for silk saris when I am in a rush/confused.

For the morning wedding I wore a simple long yellow kurta with a mirrored skirt. The dupatta I carried is completely hand done by mum & thus I have preserved it in my wardrobe. Had to board flight in two hours, hence nothing extravagant on the list.

As I landed in Delhi donning the same gajra with denims (one I adorned in the morning function), I was welcomed with weird gestures from Delhites and…. I set my pins to secure it. 😀

Sari: Chandni Chowk
Earrings: Much More

Kurta & Skirt : Kakul

Dupatta : Kakul’s Mum
Makeup & Hair: Kakul

Marriage - A not so simple knotMarriage - A not so simple knot Marriage - A not so simple knot Marriage - A not so simple knot

The last string of the gift finally undone and what I find is an album print and safely pasted in my mind, I can open anytime and dive in reveries..

Transit – the real journey

Dates are sealed, tickets are booked and all the related aspects are well planned and covered. We have everything figured out and of we go with the  destination in our mind. But here I want to focus today on an often ignored part – The Transit. We all share the destinations we cover during our journeys but all we can actually recall are the moments.. these moments can be an awe inspiring natural beauty or a ride with someone special or just the gossip mongering of friends in that over night train journey.

It’s not even peculiar that we always talk about travelling, it’s endless pros but hardly do we ever even mention about transit. The passage that gives you that perfect opportunity to unwind and think over. When the mind and body are in transit of tranquility, results have to be anything but regular. Sometimes this transit can be more salient than the destination itself. The transit where there is an anxiety at one moment about the destination and at the other, that container of pending thoughts you had kept packed in that discreet corner of your brain, suddenly the lid pops out. That impulse to call that loved one overpowers your busy life. This in-between phase makes you put aside the priorities of life ( job, sleep, routine, alarms??). The container takes you on a thinking spree, the one you never were able/considered to even see and sort.

And thus we continued on our journey from Ooty to Coimbatore. Taking advise of the friend we were visiting, we decided to make a halt at Coonor on the way. Initially we had thought of skipping it as our ‘logical mind’ thought no use in increasing the travel time but better sense prevailed :). So we took the toy train ride from Ooty to Cooner and added a 3 hour detour to explore the key tourist points.

Toy Train:

The train runs at a super -fast 🙂 :)speed of 30 km/hr. It takes you through a picturesque beauty of hills, step gardens and lush green beauties. You will not blink even for a second out of boredom, after all at one point it may all seem repetitive, but you don’t. Also, it was the first time I saw red soil 🙂 I know its not much but for me this was straight out of the geography books. It’s the perfect intake of nature to last for a lifetime. The train climbs down from Ooty to Coonor. Tunnels make me recall ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ as I hum the  A. R. Rehman masterpiece while relishing the panoramic view.

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Mesmerizing view of tea gardens of Conoor from toy train

Tea Gardens:

Took a taxi from Coonor station to witness and feel the freshness of these tea gardens. The exuberant tea gardens seem to be open hands offering embrace to the awe-struck pupils.Each leaf of the abundant gardens look like hand painted to the thirsty eyes. A boundless green carpet covered by the clear infatuated skies, calling you with open hands,” I got more to show”, to just let yourself free and take a spree.

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Tea picker with shades on job

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Should not resist the temptation to adorn the local garbs and lock the moment

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I dropped the basket by mistake 😛

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Want some tea?



SIMS/ Botanical Garden

The creations of man at any place are insightful to plethora of views/fantasies/art etc and there is no limit to it. It’s vast and infinite. Full stop.

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My cute little tree 😀

FILE1102 modifiedTasting a dish can be only described in few customary specifications as ‘Tasty /:P /hot /tangy ‘ etc. In order to consummate efforts of a chef you need to experience the taste. So is the description of Conoor.

Each spot was a photograph clicked and captured in mind. The place is preserved and nestled as it was 35 years back when my mother had visited the place during her college days. And what she described to me about the place, I would narrate the same to my kids.

The bug of old world charm instantly bites you deep down and you offer your entire body, under the enchantment of the most effective spell of nature could ever cast. Everyone yearning for more, nobody pushing none to have it, an unsaid unmade queue of nature lovers.. all  lost in their own.  Still there exists places where the nature is unscathed in the name of evolution of era.

On my way to untie the last string of the gift to Coimbatore…

Vogue Radar:

My second love is maxi skirt/dresses. I like how they make you look grand and distinct without going overboard. It is one of my staples. They add that bohemian chic vibe to the overall look. It’s needless to mention the comfort they provide being so airy.

Roses as roses can never be out of vogue whether you receive them or when you put the unreal ones in a vase or you simply paint them. Roses can have innumerable purposes and yet out of all one remains the same; the pleasure they provide to eyes. And hence my reaction to convert a rose print fabric on white base into a skirt was very apparent.

Skirt: Kakul
Top: Mango
Earrings: Shoppers Stop

Unwrapping the intangible gift of God

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 An untapped place for a traveler can be compared to that birthday gift for a kid who keeps eyeing it from the cake cutting to the dinner, he just can’t wait for everything to get over and unwrap it. It’s like the end of happiness for him. An incomparable satiation..
Had the same feeling for Ooty. The gift was enormous, the wrapping paper too tempting, driving you crazy in a way that excitement takes a toll on you like wine. I wanted to undo the strings very slowly and patiently. May be it’s because I am no more that kid and I get more pleasure in mildness.
Though visited a number of places, this time I would let the pictures speak for themselves with a brief description underneath .
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Eucalyptus Tree Forest

And so, the first string was undone as we began our road trip with skyscraper eucalyptus trees on both sides, swinging in the winds as a welcoming gesture. This might seem like a very random click, but this is the spot of one the biggest/ cult hits of the 90’s – Saajan. Remember our damsel Madhuri scurrying through the forest in ‘Mera dil bhi kitna paagal hai…’? The charismatic background is so bewitching that you feel Madhuri might be hiding behind one of the trees as you await that expected surprise pat on the back.. 🙂
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Ooty Lake

Next is the lake that has had the fortune of getting blessed by so many gleaming stars of bollywood like Salman/ Bhagyashree from ‘Dil deewana bin sajan k..’ from the movie Maine Pyar Kiya, Aamir/ Madhuri in ‘Mujhe neend na aaye..’ from Dil and many more. A boat ride through The Ooty Lake will have the bollywood gripping you in its fist and you happily let it tighten the grip, each finger a tune of a particular song.
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Botanical Garden

Many songs had glimpse of this very renowned Botanical Garden. ‘Jane jigar jaaneman.. mujhko hai teri kasam.. tu jo mujhe na mila.. mar jaongi main sanam……’ 🙂 😀

One peculiar feature that left me dumbfounded was that though this is a very popular hill station and has a decent footfall, but each spot was as buttoned up as it could be. You can easily steal a moment all for yourself.

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Thread Garden

On our way to Dodabetta Peak, was the “Thread Garden”. It is the first novel natural looking embroidery  garden in the world comprising of the most natural looking models of flowers, creepers, lotus ponds etc in the most natural ambiance.

FILE782 modified

Thread Garden

And… all of these are fake!!! 🙂

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Devil’s Down

Itinerary’s next point was Devil’s Down. It is a lush landscape offering immeasurable prismatic pleasure. This grassland of Nilgiris was the usual spot for actors/ actresses dancing to the melodies till Swiss Alps came to it’s rescue. Still can place Amitabh’s house from Hum and who can forget the legendary ‘Keh do k tum.. ho meri..’ from Tezaab.

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Toy Train Ride

So this was Ooty as the favourite painting of an artist that has all the expressions except melancholy 😛
Next morning we packed our bags and were off to Ooty station (Nilgiri Railway) for toy train ride to Coonor (our next stop). Last day had been so tiring that getting up in morning felt like dismantling and assembling again. It was damn chilly in morning too. After a decade, happened a revision of an experience to stand in station queue to buy a ticket. With the whistling of engine, began our odyssey…. 
Since a lot of sites were visited and owing to the already expressed exquisiteness, putting them all together in one would have been cruel on my part. After all, you cant enjoy all the cuisines on a single plate. Hence, the article to follow would appease your appetite….(to be continued)

Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience

Happy Disclaimer : This was a speech delivered in a public speaking competition during my graduation days. Though there are kiddish references and instances that may seem vague now, I did not change it. Because I feel few things like innocence need not be updated according to time.

“What if prior to this competition I have actually stolen my friend’s script, I come here, speak it out in an exquisite manner and get awarded for the same. And guess who is the first person to applaud for me.. the very same friend. Then, won’t my legs shake with the burden of that guilt in my heart and would I ever be able to look back in her eyes again. To be precise her silence would kill me.

To keep mum is the most effective and powerful weapon to defeat a person, to stir him from inside and  push him to question his own self, ‘Am I right and what do I owe to the person in front of me’. Taking a live instance from our lives, when our mother used to ask us to switch off the TV along with reasons to those big question marks,”Too much TV viewing is harmful for eyes”. And one fine day she stops asking, giving full liberty…the pricking fear in heart and off goes the box.

Too many proves, too many references – “Please, listen to me.. I beg your pardon…etc etc’“, makes a fact to lose its genuineness. But what if we take a backseat and let the other enjoy the illusion of being Mr. Right until he walks up to you and says shaking, “Will you please… open your mouth”. 

Don’t define silence as a state where in there exists suppression of noises but something that signifies patience, generousness, that unspoken message sent from one pair of eyes to another. A power that keeps the conscious alive and an invisible weapon to strike your heart.

Have we ever thought that when we read something that tends to be quintessential of anything XYZ, we praise it but how do we praise a blank page? Yes! do we even praise a blank page? We hardly take a second to ignore it. Did  we ever think had this blank page not been there where would words find a space? Take silence as that blank page and if you do then always fill it with words of affection and amity else leave it the way it was.”

That was silence from an adolescent girl’s perspective 10 years ago. Time has added new flavours to the meaning. It is not just a state with no sounds but a state of an empty mind. Why a 5 min in morning just after sunrise, a midnight movie, a late read are all special . Because they give you a clean relaxed mind.

If asked to list down say 10 odd things about this quietude, apart from above on my list would be meditation, listening to music and travel.. Travel opens up that window you never knew existed. A window of experiencing most unique elements of life :  nature, people, music, culture, new bonds etc.

A scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where Hrithik Roshan after winning over his fear of water does scuba diving for first time. The scene where he just sits back looking at the grandeur of waters, shedding the same from his eyes is sooo intense. Those 5 minutes where he is mum just soaking in his victory celebrating with only himself. Though the boat had 3 other people.

Vogue Travel:

Introducing my new series of travel, on the same lines.. I begin with a similar refreshing and stimulating trip to Ooty.

Hailing from a #metro, a quiet morning/evening is like a cup of tea served in a suite. That’s what spending the entire day in Ooty felt like. A silent zone where whispering is enough unlike the hello/can you hear me/network lost/wait..I am getting a call……

Clinging on to things comes natural to women, especially when we are right. Not having gone anywhere on 2nd Anniversary, had led to the growth of lava formation inside me 🙂 and that too rapidly. The eruption was ceased right on time when I was told that there is a friend’s wedding in Coimbatore, let’s club Ooty. There falls smiling flakes of snow on lava. 😀

After landing, we hired a taxi to Ooty. The driver decided to avoid city traffic and take us through the village route, did not know a trivial decision as this would turn out to be such a beautiful sight. It felt like some Malgudi episode running in front of  eyes, a village so clean . People so well mannered, no howls and cries from anywhere. Talk about natural beauty, was in awe. The polluted city people, are used to keeping the windows of car shut. But here, galloping the fresh air was very normal. The climate was quite chilly. There was a sudden drop in temperature on reaching the hotel, due to it’s placement on altitude. Each room was the window to alluring greeneries with trees  humming  to the tune of gusty winds.

After a quiet lunch in bewitching scenery and figuring out the itinerary, to stay put seemed like a bang on idea. Each wisp of fresh air seemed like a gentle caress of a loved one for the tired mind and body. A quiet tea in the balcony. And I wondered in a world of communication overload how come this calmness/this stillness seemed way more communicative than any tool/app?

Stayed indoors, watching a very old movie “Catch me if you can”, relishing the silence.
This is the first article on my series #vogue travel   going forward I will try my best to explain/personify the place, the view and emotions…


Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar


Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or pure patience and attitude - Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or pure patience and attitude - Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar

Accidental ‘Self Discovery’

Have we ever wondered what if Sachin Tendulkar never tried his hands at cricket or Amitabh Bachchan never thought that acting was his cup of tea or say Shakespeare had taken up cooking? Had not this discovery of their own happened, of this one part of themselves? Wonder then whether we would even know the names of the most illustrious personalities today or not, names that would be sung by generations to come. With the belief that there are as many as homo sapiens as the number of stars in the sky and the equivalent amount of talent. Further poking and pinching the thought, I stop to ponder, how many of us actually try/ fail to discover what is “it “ that we have. A very popular saying “The best of the talents are found in the graveyard, coz their lies the true untapped potential of human mind.”

It is a pity while some of us spend a fortune & time grooming our talent, others fail to even recognize it. Because……. sometimes others do. The first time your teacher praised you for that quick answer to science problem or the first time that kid in school whose name you don’t know came to tell you, “you are a good speaker”. My point here is appreciation , which sadly is shrinking rapidly. Complimenting someone used to be a natural reaction but now it takes an effort. An effort of our elephantine egos. ( 🙂 🙁 )

To know your “it” is like an attainment of salvation where only delving deeper and deeper gives you inner peace. A passion where doing a thing repetitively eases you out. Remember when we were young & how just one thing got us stuck like playing basketball, cricket, reading story books. Your “it” can be at times lying cozily under the layers of blankets of laziness, smiling coyly like that child who refuses to get up for school.

Recognizing our Inner talent through self discovery or appreciation is what adds meaning to our existence. It’s a discovery that may happen by fate or you need to take it on your own. It’s a constant itching that is cooled down only by the sensation of realization that you are there. 

As mentioned above, had rowed through similar thoughts like all of us. Always a discomfort that what is being loved is also getting rusted by me.Then how did my itching end? It was when for this friend’s wedding I was appreciated for the overall guise by everybody. Right from my help to that aunt who doesn’t talk to anybody 😛 (appreciation). More than that the satiation prevailed that I can do something out of it. I need not be perfect, let’s start. That is when it occurred to me to combine the love for writing with fashion. Thus my new article in the Wedding-Looks Category.

Vogue Radar

When a childhood friend gets married nothing compares to the feel. And while you are being happy about her new phase, the million dollar question strikes “what am I going to wear?”. This marriage was a very hurried affair, rushed from office in half day, reached my home town and got ready. The entire look centrally revolved around the hairstyle which pulled the outfit to greater echelons, done by a sweetheart aunt (would be doing a detailed article on her soon). It’s a very chic side messy bun done so neatly, I totally admire this Indian wear in pink color and the kind of fascination it exudes. It is a flowy Anarkali with a deeper color of same tone on borders. The high neck of this piece somehow speaks of its uber classiness. The light silver work on the neck is adding that extra soft  oomph, pampering the demure of it.

This look has a moment for me. For the first time I did my make up and experimented on my own and carried it with aplomb. The entire discovery was a labor of around 30min (15 min hairdo + 15 Min make up).The picture quality is average owing to the best available phone camera at that time .

Makeup: Kakul
Hairdo: Sweetheart Aunt
Dress: Gifted
Heels : Venus (Karol Bagh)
Earrings : Khan Market                                                                                                                                                          

Head Piece (Maang Tikka): Exhibition @ Select City Walk


Discovery VogueRadar by Kakul Singh

Accidental self discovery – Vogue Radar

Discovery VogueRadar by Kakul Singh

Accidental self discovery – Vogue Radar

Lataji’s phenomenal song for a second….
“Naam gum jaayega chehra ye badal jaayega
Meri aawaaz hi pehchaan hai gar yaad rahe”

Well, in her case that definitely is true. As far as I am concerned, I just bought the ticket to my journey and for the moment I am happy that I am trying..


Rewind to Classics – The ‘new’ Vintage

‘Time’ as a term can never be a stand alone expression. It has to have a tense associated with it. Those were the times, in today’s time, in times to come. It is also quite intriguing how when the same used in Hindi/ Urdu, stands untouched – ‘guzra hua waqt’ , ‘ane wala waqt’. Also, reminisces me of the saying that, no matter how expensive the watch, the time is going to remain the same. Yes, it’s true. But the moment you see/ touch a very old watch you feel rewinded for the moment. That is sheer quality of a vintage/ classic piece owing to the time it belongs to and a sentimental value attached to it.

Vintage means something of old times, something you ‘preserve’ because you find it valuable and you retain it in the best possible way. Belonging to the rich heritage of monuments, culture, demographics etc etc our country has immense vintage. No wonder how much our nation is criticized for numerous reasons we never stop pulling people from across the globe. It somehow is a wondrous feature of our motherland that a small shift in place takes you to an entirely different language, food, way of dressing and yes one thing remains constant, the hospitality.

Vintage fashion is one which keeps coming in waves – The Anarkalis from Mughal-e-azam, the over-sized glasses from Hare Rama Hare Krishna,  the Banarasi silk seems so absorbed in today’s fashion; so much to the extent that you never thought you are revisiting.

Vogue Radar: 

This outfit is that vintage for me. This attire (sari) basically belongs to grandmother. This was bought in 1970’s from Nepal. Mum was a bit heavy hearted to part with it,  but the enlightenment that it is going to get a new life, saved it. She got the skirt and dupatta made out of it. Have been searching for a right top to it, finally the search ended in my own wardrobe (a very old kurta). Why a kurta and not a short top? Because the grace which is exuded by this was matchless for me. The combination of green and yellow has been doing rounds since ages and is going to stay. The work you see on borders is unique owing to the time it belongs to. A silver clutch was added to blend in and accentuate the overall look. I am an ardent fan of traditional attires, for me covering is the new sexy (too much left to guess then :p)

Wanted to hit the nail – old world charm. Right from accessories to hairdo. Yes, I specifically need/like to mention about the hairdo, that’s  my favorite part of the entire look. It is a roll bun which finds its place essentially in old Hollywood classics. It takes the whole look to another level altogether. This was a very light airbrush makeup, done with all Mac products.

This was a look I created for my piece of heart (yeah it sounds cliched), my childhood friend’s engagement. Isn’t she looking gorgeous and so does her outfit? 🙂

Dress: Kakul’s Mum

Makeup and hair Artist : Sweetheart Aunt

Jewellery : Mehra Store (Khan market)

#VRadvice: When you think of going to splurge on a traditional outfit always dig in through your mother’s closet, you are sure to find a “preserved piece” screaming to be embraced. Does it ring a bell?? Yes, a small step towards your own creation.

There you are not just wearing a piece of clothing, but carrying an entire era one which unfolds into a story kept discreetly by mothballs…

FILE083 modified

FILE642 modified  FILE048 modified

Priyanka Chopra – the side flare in Bajirao Mastani


Happy Disclaimer: This is not a movie review and though this was written shortly after watching the movie, not a word has been edited. The movie has won perhaps all the awards yet did not feel even the slightest urge to change whatever little I served here about it.

When a match opens up with a six, expectations are set sky high and when a wicket goes down in first over, you feel cheated. So did happen with Bajirao Mastani where the opening scene was nothing short of a royal painting. Everything was exquisite, from the set to the costumes to the background score; everything is lavish and pleasing (typical Bhansali). Ranveer like a true master did it. But all the strokes ended right there, with a few saviors in the end to salvage. The chemistry between Bajirao and Mastani failed to creep in through at all. The movie gets lost at all levels. One does not even get to the chemistry, leave about appreciating it.

While the internet is being flooded with accolades for Deepika (for attires, looks and so on) for Bajirao Mastani, I for once find it hard to digest. She is looking mesmerizing, credit to that Godly aura of hers, but in the movie on a complete scale where you weigh acting first, she fails to grab an eyeball.

What came as a total surprise was Priyanka, a suppressed role, kind of behind the curtain. But as they say the sun will always shine through and so did she. The character, the role was played to it’s finest detail. Her attitude reminds me of that Diva from ‘Fashion’ and the curly headed girl from ‘Barfi’ when she delivers greatness out of innocence for love. Her part was too impact-full to be categorized as supporting role, for a viewer she was commendable.

Side actors like Tanvi Azmi, Milind Soman, have all played their part well. Aditya Pancholi’s role could have been utilized in a far better way by giving a little more depth to the character. Although, he still carries that intensity in his minute length cameos. For first time, Bhansali’s sets felt too unreal in some scenes.

The sealing scene where Ranveer is fighting with virtual horses and enemies is mind boggling, Priyanka watching as a silent witness to his love and her love, helplessly, it’s something. For once a scene with utter silence conveyed a lot (not mentioning Deepika in the same at all).

Vogue Radar:

Priyanka looks like a diva from a Maharashtrian painting, the jewellery especially the nose ring, natural makeup and those elegant beautiful sarees. Her hair, a notch different from the normal hair do of this sort, the beautiful jooda pins enhancing the same, the typical Maharashtrian drape against those flashing green bangles. The side face looks, where the half moon bindi is the finishing stroke of a makeup artist is enough to rate it as A+. She walks straight out of a Marathi portrait,  if we have heard something like that ever before.


If I happen to get a chance to flaunt my skills in an ethnic event in Maharashtra or a close family wedding is on the cards, then I would definitely give this look a shot.

My new category .. Movies high on Vogue Radar. Will be adding more to on this using my Vogue lens 🙂 😛 on the movies of my choice 😀 If you like it enough then please express by commenting below.

Office washroom- “The Saviour” dressing room

  Office washroom – “The Saviour” dressing room

Delhi from a bird’s eye view looks like an octopus, it’s different arms being trapped in the clutches of population, pollution, traffic, politics, etc. And while we all may be ignorant of all these, any one of them can be a burning issue when a woman has to get dressed for a wedding and the venue is 30kms from office. She doesn’t want to spend those unnecessary bucks at parlour too. We metropolitan women, I guess are becoming too pragmatic.
Had one wedding to attend of similar format. Shortage of time and facilities, office space comes as the only rescue. Yes, I got dressed in my pretty decent office washroom. And I am not one bit upset about it. It saved me time, money and most important my energy.

Vogue Radar:

Throwing some light on the look. I wanted a quick look, limited space to go for six yards and didn’t want a salwar suit too (have been wearing ones I feel like ages). So, a skirt and a kurta. This was designed by me recently. Here and there some embellishments on hair. Was not carrying my camera, so pictures are not so great. I hope and try to come back with something better and more edgy. And yes, I tried the sonam kapoor red lipstick, I have been eyeing since long. Hope you give some quick love to it too.IMG_20151207_100624IMG-20151207-WA0046IMG_20151204_220249