About Me

My name is Kakul Singh. I am just “5” feet tall and I hate heels. I wear them only if I want to. Despite the fact, my other half is 11 inches taller, I don’t mind looking shorter than him. Comfort, priority. I wear everything under the sun, maxi dresses, long skirts, pants etc etc. I love experimenting with fashion, any form. I am working as a Manager in a well known organization, full time.

The reason I started this blog is plain and simple..”Uneasiness.. to do something beyond” Also, I am someone who is not comfortable to share her opinion in public and have always wanted a space where I have like minded people (no offence directed). An ardent fan of traditional clothes, sari is the best outfit ever. I take every occasion as a dressing opportunity, creating a new look. I can sell my most priced asset for those deadly pair of earrings, yes! that big crazy for them. Hobbies include writing and watching movies. Movies kind of instigate me to write. Other than movies my second love is designing. Most of the outfits I carry are self designed.

Each post here would be a display of my effort. Not just buying an outfit and posing. There would be a whole series of thoughts behind it. As each one of it would be a creation and not just a click.

I aspire to open my own boutique someday, the dream I see everyday while travelling to my work place.