Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience

Happy Disclaimer : This was a speech delivered in a public speaking competition during my graduation days. Though there are kiddish references and instances that may seem vague now, I did not change it. Because I feel few things like innocence need not be updated according to time.

“What if prior to this competition I have actually stolen my friend’s script, I come here, speak it out in an exquisite manner and get awarded for the same. And guess who is the first person to applaud for me.. the very same friend. Then, won’t my legs shake with the burden of that guilt in my heart and would I ever be able to look back in her eyes again. To be precise her silence would kill me.

To keep mum is the most effective and powerful weapon to defeat a person, to stir him from inside and  push him to question his own self, ‘Am I right and what do I owe to the person in front of me’. Taking a live instance from our lives, when our mother used to ask us to switch off the TV along with reasons to those big question marks,”Too much TV viewing is harmful for eyes”. And one fine day she stops asking, giving full liberty…the pricking fear in heart and off goes the box.

Too many proves, too many references – “Please, listen to me.. I beg your pardon…etc etc’“, makes a fact to lose its genuineness. But what if we take a backseat and let the other enjoy the illusion of being Mr. Right until he walks up to you and says shaking, “Will you please… open your mouth”. 

Don’t define silence as a state where in there exists suppression of noises but something that signifies patience, generousness, that unspoken message sent from one pair of eyes to another. A power that keeps the conscious alive and an invisible weapon to strike your heart.

Have we ever thought that when we read something that tends to be quintessential of anything XYZ, we praise it but how do we praise a blank page? Yes! do we even praise a blank page? We hardly take a second to ignore it. Did  we ever think had this blank page not been there where would words find a space? Take silence as that blank page and if you do then always fill it with words of affection and amity else leave it the way it was.”

That was silence from an adolescent girl’s perspective 10 years ago. Time has added new flavours to the meaning. It is not just a state with no sounds but a state of an empty mind. Why a 5 min in morning just after sunrise, a midnight movie, a late read are all special . Because they give you a clean relaxed mind.

If asked to list down say 10 odd things about this quietude, apart from above on my list would be meditation, listening to music and travel.. Travel opens up that window you never knew existed. A window of experiencing most unique elements of life :  nature, people, music, culture, new bonds etc.

A scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where Hrithik Roshan after winning over his fear of water does scuba diving for first time. The scene where he just sits back looking at the grandeur of waters, shedding the same from his eyes is sooo intense. Those 5 minutes where he is mum just soaking in his victory celebrating with only himself. Though the boat had 3 other people.

Vogue Travel:

Introducing my new series of travel, on the same lines.. I begin with a similar refreshing and stimulating trip to Ooty.

Hailing from a #metro, a quiet morning/evening is like a cup of tea served in a suite. That’s what spending the entire day in Ooty felt like. A silent zone where whispering is enough unlike the hello/can you hear me/network lost/wait..I am getting a call……

Clinging on to things comes natural to women, especially when we are right. Not having gone anywhere on 2nd Anniversary, had led to the growth of lava formation inside me 🙂 and that too rapidly. The eruption was ceased right on time when I was told that there is a friend’s wedding in Coimbatore, let’s club Ooty. There falls smiling flakes of snow on lava. 😀

After landing, we hired a taxi to Ooty. The driver decided to avoid city traffic and take us through the village route, did not know a trivial decision as this would turn out to be such a beautiful sight. It felt like some Malgudi episode running in front of  eyes, a village so clean . People so well mannered, no howls and cries from anywhere. Talk about natural beauty, was in awe. The polluted city people, are used to keeping the windows of car shut. But here, galloping the fresh air was very normal. The climate was quite chilly. There was a sudden drop in temperature on reaching the hotel, due to it’s placement on altitude. Each room was the window to alluring greeneries with trees  humming  to the tune of gusty winds.

After a quiet lunch in bewitching scenery and figuring out the itinerary, to stay put seemed like a bang on idea. Each wisp of fresh air seemed like a gentle caress of a loved one for the tired mind and body. A quiet tea in the balcony. And I wondered in a world of communication overload how come this calmness/this stillness seemed way more communicative than any tool/app?

Stayed indoors, watching a very old movie “Catch me if you can”, relishing the silence.
This is the first article on my series #vogue travel   going forward I will try my best to explain/personify the place, the view and emotions…


Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar


Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or pure patience and attitude - Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or pure patience and attitude - Vogue Radar

Silence: Empty envelope or a bag of pure patience – Vogue Radar



  1. Great job yet again.. I guess it’s useless to say it again and again.. welcome to the world of travel.. soothing and stimulating at the same time .. ps : ref to hrithik had to come soon 😛

    • You know my love for him and the intensity..feel like teens on your poke 🙂

  2. Most of us would have gone through such situation in life where u choose silence over speaking, like a quote ‘silence speaks when words cannot’. Good try on vogue travel dear…I wanna visit ooty now ;). BTW congratulations on your anniversary… Wish u both many such gazillion years.

    • Yes, Lalita silence does win and thank you pretty lady for the wishes n u better visit Ooty(take me too:P)

  3. Felt like reading again and again…. Wonderful piece of work yet again… Keep it up u Super talented girl..

    • Thank you so much perkymegs ..silence does convey a lot..yes i enjoyed a lot .Thank you

    • Yes, it’s absolutely great but yes to travel alone is a whole lot different experience too. Never done that 🙁

  4. Good work kakul… r beautiful n u hve well described it…keep it up gud going.

  5. Very beautifully potrayed the outer beauty of the world..excellent usage of words too..keep it going like high..cheers!!

    • Thank you Aparna, you described it so aptly. One who has visited the place can only relate to it.

  6. Okay so first happy anniversary you both!! second can we just take a moment for your way with words!! Im in awe gurl and yes cant praise u enuf!

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