Marriage – A not so simple knot..

buy modafinil canada reddit There are out there infinite versions of marriage, it is considered the most supreme relationship. But somehow I wonder, how we completely forget to appreciate beneath the surface feature of this machinery, the nuts and bolts which keep it together & functioning for the plumiest span of our lives. Continue Reading

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Rewind to Classics – The ‘new’ Vintage

cheap generic topamax ‘Time’ as a term can never be a stand alone expression. It has to have a tense associated with it. Those were the times, in today’s time, in times to come. It is also quite intriguing how when the same used in Hindi/ Urdu, stands untouched – ‘guzra hua waqt’ , ‘ane wala waqt’. Also, reminisces me of the saying that, no matter how expensive the watch, the time is going to remain the same. Yes, it’s true. But the moment you see/ touch a very old watch you feel rewinded for the moment. That is sheer quality of a vintage/ classic piece owing to the time it belongs to and a sentimental value attached to it. Continue Reading