The Shift

Brain feeds on your thoughts, it depends on you to select the menu. Whether it is the oily and greasy thoughts or the healthy ones. It chews and digests like an unassuming machine. In return it produces positive/negative energy due to a phenomenon what we call a “preconceived notion”. This is the reason why changes are not always/rarely welcome.

New boss…no…though my current one is a pain in … but I am comfortable by now.

New house…good/wow..but….

New house help.. no…

It’s all up to oneself to respond to this change. You either fear it or face it or stick to a laid back approach that you have no option or get excited !!
Also the mind clock strikes to the fact that nothing is constant.. place, times, people, everything is a phase.. No matter how beautiful/ shady it is. 
It can be a window to maturity.. how you deal with the new situation.. Change is a test of your adaptation power. It is the result of this friction that brings out the fixed reserve of stored energy; how ready are you to give up extant & how much can you soak in the name of overall well being. Our generation is pretty smart in creating quick and stable comfort zones. We people have too less time/ intent and thus fail to even realize that this is a vicious circle and fall victim to the entire facade.

It is that puppy who waits with eyes full of anxiety.. Will I be adopted with open arms or……..?

Sometimes “it” makes you realize/ understand what you really want. A friend who left, a love you thought was not so compatible… you moved on, changed your mind.. but there happens enlightenment. Bonds are almost always a phone call away. N also it’s not necessary to completely lose a thing to realize it’s importance.. a slight absence changes the game too

The uneasiness regarding the shift started from the moment I let the cat out of the bag about the mate’s transfer.

“What….Bombay??? Best of luck. Rent would choke you. It’s only liked by non-metro people, Delhi people can never get to like it. Local train.. (wicked laugh), Bombay 🙂 you will love it. The city grows on you.”

My brain was overloaded with food for thought from all sorts of people, so much so that it felt like food poisoning. 😛

Having set my first foot in Bombay with already one behind in Delhi (10 unforgettable years). And then the obvious Qs started pouring in “How do you find Bombay?” I replied with burp “Too soon to say, by that I did not mean I am starving. Though the first foot was dipped in luxury, staying in a hotel. Undoubtedly it was far from the maddening hustle/bustle of the city. For a moment it was like having a ball of a time. The quiet “Me-time”, no worries of chores (meals/ laundry/ groceries etc) and freedom of clock. With subtle rains and the mate at office, had all the time in world to think and wonder, what would this adventure be like.

'Me' time - bliss

‘Me’ time – bliss

While I am still to sense the nerve of the city, had no regular excitement of a new place to explore as I had been here for a couple of times before. Most importantly, the other reason can be that point of life when weekends are preferred for ‘Chilling at home’ rather than parties. A friend ringing your doorbell is more beguiling than one calling you out for lunch.. 🙂 While the outings would still be fun, home is bliss. I call this.. the phase of redefining entertainment 😛

Gazing at the city from my window

Gazing at the city from my window

As I said the brain’s tummy was full and I decided to let it go on fasting for a while and then start afresh. Post  detoxification , I begin like a newbie and I know none. It’s like an unknown city to me. Still struggling with common hurdles like language, food etc .

N now it has dawned on me/ I know why everything/ every story starts with once upon a time..

Vogue Radar:

The black maxi pics are of the hotel room, a quick dinner outfit. I like the boho vibe of it and so did of the earrings. Nothing much to write home about.

Attempt to copy Priyanka Chopra's Bajirao look

Attempt to copy Priyanka Chopra’s Bajirao look

Selfie :)

Selfie 🙂

The empty stomach smile

The empty stomach smile

As for the sari pics, they are of karvachauth. Marathi nath and earrings get to you, also since my post on Priyanka Chopra, (read here) had been yearning to copy her. I got this chance. Except the accessorizing part the attire is a mix, South Indian Sari + Bandhini blouse (it reminds me of the line from the post “If i get to attend a wedding in Maharashtra..”, who knew it would be so soon “Flipping back the book in mind.. somewhere I read.. Be careful what you wish for, it just might get true” 😀

Black maxi : Globus

Earrings: Lifestyle

Red Sari : Kakul’s Mum(around 30 year’s old)

Earrings & Nath : Local Market(Bombay)



  1. Wow kakul… once again you bowled us over with your writing skills, your creative talent and your stunning looks…love you.. and please dont make us wait sooooooo long for your next article..❤️😘

  2. Wah kakyl u hv Beautifully portrayed your state of mind on shift. Well lovely pics and pretty rich sari lying awesome. Muaah

    • Thank you ma’am. Though I miss you all a lot, I have welcomed this change.plz continue to drop in a word of appreciation, means a world to me..

  3. Your writing skills continue to inspire me… Welcome to the land of madness !!!

    • Zee plz continue to Pat me…it’s a great motivating force for me n it’s bcoz of you two I feel home ..

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